KOSTEEL works in pursuit of our dream of happiness.

KOMAN Talent Recruitment


The outstanding talented individuals who drive the success of KOSTEEL!
We are proud to be a KOMAN!

  • Stand at the center of problem solving.

    KOMAN does not avoid problems but tackles them head-on by leading the solution to the problem.
    When we work with intellectual curiosity, we are able to discover problems and develop a progressive orientation toward solutions.

    Instead of regarding problems as "objects of avoidance and conflict," we ought to see them as "tasks for collaboration" and seek solutions. This enables us to convert problems into opportunities.
  • Professionals and amateurs are differentiated by attention to DETAIL and DEPTH of thinking

    A KOMAN is not intimidated when faced with problems. We believe that the bigger the problem, the greater the opportunity. When confronting a significant problem, we analyze it in DEPTH with attention to DETAIL. One cannot cut down a tree with a single blow of the ax.

    However, if we chip away at the wood together, it can be broken easily.
    We can solve any problem by breaking it down and examining it in depth.
    This is how a KOMAN approaches work challenges. This is the key to excellence at KOSTEEL
    DIFFERENTIATING POWER Differentiation ability
  • KOMAN builds a company that generates profit through innovation.

    We take pride in being a KOMAN. We hope to see outstanding talent join us as members of our organization.
    When recruiting new talent, we use ourselves as the reference, and ask "Can this person be even better than I am now?"

    Each team at KOSTEEL eagerly awaits you, our new KOMANs, to join us as our partners in collaboration.
    We invite you to apply to be a KOMAN!
    INNOVATIVENESS OF KOMAN innovation the Koman