KOSTEEL works in pursuit of our dream of happiness.

The Story of KOMAN: Rewards and Compensations

  • Growth Support System

    We foster the growth of our employees by frequently offering consultations to support individual development. This ensures that KOSTEEL supports all employees to achieve outstanding performance.

  • Compensation System

    KOSTEEL follows the HR philosophy that “the greatest reward consists of the best welfare” and accordingly offers financial and non-monetary compensation to outstanding KOMANs through various compensation systems.

    KOSTEEL's compensation system is based on fair HR management and our promotion system is based on individual job performance capabilities. We strive for continuous development and seek to provide greater rewards to our employees.
    • Basic Annual Salary

      KOSTEEL's basic salary system stipulates a fixed salary which is paid on an annual basis

    • SUPER KOMAN Rewards

      Monthly rewards are given to KOMANs who demonstrated their presence through outstanding achievements in a total of ten categories.

    • Aladdin and the Problem-Solver Genie Award

      Monthly rewards are awarded to KOMANs who solved problems in their field of expertise and to KOMANs who requested a solution to an identified problem.

    • KO-llaborator

      KOSTEEL aspires to foster active and initiative-taking talent. Talented employees who have been active in offering assistance and collaboration are rewarded on a monthly basis based on recommendations from their colleagues.

    • Tak Money

      We encourage suggestions and ideas for improvements and changes to enhance the work environment. We provide a certain amount of compensation to employees for their suggestions, depending on the effects thereby achieved.

    • Performance Pay

      The decision to issue an annual performance bonus and the amount to be paid are determined based on the company's business performance.

  • Welfare Benefits
    • In-house Fitness Center

      For the health of our employees, we operate an in-house fitness center that is open 24 hours a day.

    • Book Cafe

      A variety of books in a wide range of fields are available and can be freely borrowed.

    • Child Tuition

      All employees receive full coverage of their children's school tuition expenses.

    • Book Purchase Funding

      We cover the cost of purchasing one book per month. Employees can post reader reviews to share their responses with employees.

    • Congratulatory Gifts and Condolences

      When employees celebrate an important personal event or experiences a period of mourning, the company provides funding to convey our congratulations or condolences.

    • Foreign Language Education Support

      We support foreign language study by offering access to language school classes and phone English tutoring sessions.

    • Morning Snack Bar

      To ensure that our employees do not skip breakfast, our snack bar offers milk, bread, fruits, etc.

    • Corporate Condo Usage Benefits

      Employees are offered access to using a variety of corporate condominiums owned by the company.

    • A variety of internal and external educational support programs

      We offer a wide range of training opportunities, including education for all executives and employees with renowned guest lecturers as well as job-specific training.